Record your journey & keep your safe

Car Camcorder

Ultra HD video quality. Your expert witness

Featuring best-in-class color CMOS image sensor and processor, it’s designed to capture fast-moving scenes, across a variety of light condition and record valuable moments. WDR function can help to optimize video quality with wider light range and image details. During high speed driving, the recording will be more vivid without any omits. With high stability on seamless recording and crisp resolution, we are striving to give you a far more real and astonishing scenes without deviation.

Optimized viewing angle. Everything at control

The high precise optical glass lens features a real 167 degree Ultra-wide viewing angle, records both front and rear sides, covering 4 lanes without missing events ahead, beside and back of your vehicle, while minimizing distortion.

Six precisely engineered optical glass lens manages to capture any incident involving your vehicle or even some beautiful scenery from a relaxing Sunday drive.


Best size to fit your car”

65.6 x 39.3 x 140



  • Dual channel dash cam with real 1080P( rear cam is optional)
  • 1080P@60fps/55fps full HD (forward-only)
  • 167° Ultra wild-angle with 6G+IR filter
  • Collision detection
  • Driver fatigue alerts/speed limit alerts
  • Parking mode with motion detection
  • Emergency recording
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • Built-in GPS


One color to fit your Car perfectly.”

Only one but best color style

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Parking mode with motion detection

With parking mode activated, the device will continue to monitor your beloved car even when the engine is switched off using its built-in battery. With the adjustable sensitivity, if any vibration is detected by the G-sensor, it will automatically turn on the dash cam and begin recording and lock the files.

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