Answer your door like always at home

Doorbell Camera

Great for homes, offices, commercial spaces, Villas & More!

1. Thanks to its durable weatherproof casing and long operating range and modernity design, this wireless doorbell device is a perfect choice for all most any space, from homes, to apartment complexes to commercial spaces and office buildings. The wireless video doorbell has a high waterproof rating of IP54. Even heavy rain will not interrupt the operation of the robust transmitter while stationed outside.

2. Monitor your home wherever you are

This wireless video doorbell lets you adjust the motion sensitivity so you won’t be troubled even with a car passing by. absorb the essence and discard the useless. You will get instant alerts when motion is detected. Everything you care will be under great control.

Equipped with an Ultra wide-angle LENS (DFOV180°), the camera won’t miss any dead spots.


Elegant Design, sophistication in its simplicity”

65.6 x 39.3 x 140



  • Wide angle Fixed Focus lens
    Movie Recording : 1920 x 1080 30fps
  • Viewing Angle(FOV) : 170 degrees
  • Movie Clip : MP4 format ( H.264+ADPCM codec )
  • Photo format : JPEG
    Image resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • APP supports iOS & Android mobile devices
  • Battery : 1300 mAH Polymer lithium-ion


One color to fit any outdoor appearance perfectly.”

Only one but best color style


Cloud storage


The Witness

Concerning it might be stolen or damage but cannot find the evidence? No worries, the cloud will keep the footage and preserve the video. The cloud will be accessible and just for you.


your door like always at home.”

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