Care you beloved anywhere

Home Security Camera

Clear as day, even at night.

HD Camera, Audio and Microphone


1. Equipped with a 6G ultra wide-angle lens and Amarelle SOC, IP300A records remarkably crisp, 1080P HD video and audio. The viewing radius ensure your whole room is entirely visible with vivid clarity.

2. Night vision is one of the areas where high quality hardware makes the most different. The IP300A’s enhanced night vision uses high-intensity IR LEDS that illuminate details in crisp, clear night vision up to 20 feet.

3. Intelligent Alerts

Get only the alerts you care about

With built-in high accuracy motion detection technology, the IP300A’s real-time activity alert is smart enough to show you what’s going on where your eyes cannot reach. Annoyed by the false trigger? No worries. Custom motion sensitivity settings tailor the alerts you want and bypass the false alerts.


Elegant Design, sophistication in its simplicity”

58 x 50.8 x 113



  • Full HD 1080P
  • 176 degree DFOV wide angle lens
  • Cloud storage or Micro SD (Max.32GB)
  • Activity alerts
  • Waterproof IP54
  • Night Vision
  • Multi users access simultaneously
  • Reliable and private HD video recording
  • Two-way audio
  • Flexible DVR plan for consumers


Choose the favorite color to fit your home.”

Two colors available 


Cloud storage

Even if your IP300A is stolen or damaged, your footage will still be secure and accessible on the cloud. Users are guaranteed secure access with financial-industry standard encryption.


Weather Proof IP54


Acting as a Cavalier protecting 24/7.

Rain or shine

Definitely you don’t want a security camera fragile like a baby. No matter heavy rain or bright shine, IP300A is a strong defender of the weather. And it plugs into power directly without worrying about changing batteries to give you a peace of mind.

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